BLOODLINES is a massive social vampire and lycan role-playing game in Second Life®.
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The Thirst 33,178 Vampires
The Rage 5,809 Lycans
The Human 107,158 Humans
Hybrids 17,087 Hybrids
Bloodlines War 20,931 Warriors

January 2017 14 Days, 6 Hours, 17 Minutes Left!

Be the victim of an attack that enrages a new lycan, number of times in one day.

rbandazoo Aabye
Lumen Vial Collector
Collect Lumen Vials from different players.

Faith Keneinan
Blood Legion
One of your minions gets the first attack and gains the soul of a new vampire minion (total).

Noomie9 Resident
Lycan Soul Keeper
Hold souls gained through the Moon River achievement.

robcanfora29 Resident
Vampire Berserk
Bite other Bloodlines players, number in 10 minutes.

MorteVon Monstre

Wooden Star

rbandazoo Aabye
Chimera's Claw

MorteVon Monstre
Dragon Scale

MorteVon Monstre
Wooden Star

robcanfora29 Resident
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