BLOODLINES is a massive social vampire and lycan role-playing game in Second Life®.
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The Thirst 32,974 Vampires
The Rage 5,605 Lycans
The Human 94,013 Humans
Hybrids 16,416 Hybrids
Bloodlines War 20,700 Warriors

June 2016 2 Days, 21 Hours, 15 Minutes Left!

Vampire Berserk
Bite other Bloodlines players, number in 10 minutes.

HellViraMistress Resident
Blood Storm
Get first attack and gain the souls of new vampire minions (single day).

HellViraMistress Resident
Blood Vial Collector
Collect Blood Vials from different players.

TazMan1970 Resident
Be the victim of a bite that embraces a new vampire, number of times in one day.

UntamedLegionnaire Resident
Vital Chain
Be the victim of a bite that embraces a new vampire, total.

UntamedLegionnaire Resident

Chimera's Claw

misha Winterwolf
Wendigo's Talisman

UntamedLegionnaire Resident
Wendigo's Talisman

ShalimarNyx Resident
Wooden Star

ElenaCyr Resident
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Blood Wealth

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