Bloodlines Official Game Guide

For instructions on the use of individual Bloodlines products, please see the Gear page.

Bloodlines is a vampire / lycan / human system and multi-player online role-playing game based in Second Life. The vampire component of Bloodlines was released on May 6, 2008, and the Lycan component was released on July 7, 2009. The Human HUD was released on December 17, 2010.

Getting Started

All you need to play Bloodlines is one of the HUDs. You can own the Thirst vampire HUD, the Rage lycan HUD, the Human HUD, or all three. These systems come with the following standard components:

  1. A HUD (Heads-Up Display). This is a control panel that attaches to your screen and provides you with buttons to perform the various actions in the game.
  2. An attack accessory: Fangs (The Thirst), Claws (The Rage), or Bite Marks and Claw Wounds (The Human). If you want to play as a Vampire, you will need to purchase the Thirst system, which comes with fangs, and if you want to play as a lycan, you will need to purchase the Rage system, which comes with claws, or if you want to play as a Human, you can purchase the Human HUD, which comes with bite marks and claw wounds.
  3. Stat Viewer. This is avatar attachment that allows you to display your game stats over your head as floating text.
  4. Vampire Bite Marks / Lycan Wound. This avatar attachment responds to lycan and vampire attacks by spraying blood. The bite and claw marks will also be vended to new victims that you hunt down, so they can wear them. They are free and come with copy and transfer permissions, which means you can give copies of them to your friends, so you can role-play attacking them. The bite marks and claw wounds that come with the Human HUD are a bit different, and are not transferrable, because they contain the ability to offer bites and lycan attacks.

Bloodlines Overview

All players start out as a human, regardless of which HUDs they have. If they are attacked by a Bloodlines vampire or lycan, some of their humanity is lost and transformed into either vital blood, feeding the vampire curse, or lumens of moonlight, feeding the lycan curse. Once humanity is completely lost, a player switches to the status of 'revenant', or a walking undead. Only players with the Thirst or the Rage HUD will become revenants. From this point, they can be filled with vital blood and embraced as a vampire with eternal life, or filled with lumens and enraged as a lycan. Or, if they fill themselves with both metrics, they can become a cross between the two races, empowered with the strength of each, but also suffering both curses, to seek out lumens and vital blood from the remaining humans. On your first attack, 5% of your humanity is lost, and more cannot be taken unless you join the game. If someone only owns the human HUD, their humanity can be drained to zero without becoming a revenant, they just become devoid of humanity. Humans cannot be embraced or enraged unless they own the Thirst or the Rage HUDs.


There are many objectives to pursue in Bloodlines, and you can focus on whichever one is your favorite. Objectives depend on what kind of a character you want to play. However, the one objective that can't be avoided is to survive Curse, causing all who are embraced or enraged to seek out blood or lumens. If a vampire loses all of their vital blood, or a lycan loses all of their lumens, they will become destroyed and lose all of their collected souls to the abyss.

For Vampires and Lycans:

  1. Objective #1: Become Embraced or Enraged.
    To become a vampire or a lycan, you must first have your humanity drained by others. Your humanity can be drained by either vampire bites or lycan attacks, either way, you become a Revenant. Blood and Lumens are valuable, and being a vampire or a lycan gives you the power to convert the humanity of your victims into precious vital blood or lumens of moonlight. Your humanity starts at 100%, and this can be converted into a total of 5 liters of vital blood, or 50 lumens for others. Each avatar only has either 5 liters of vital blood or 50 lumens to donate to the community. Humanity can be regained by eating apples from the Eternal Orchard at Liquid East. To become a vampire from this point, you must refill yourself to 5L of vital blood. To become a lycan, you must refill yourself to 50 lumens. Or, to become a hybrid, you can do both. The first time you reach 5 Liters of vital blood after losing your humanity, you will become embraced and will gain the status of Vampire, and the first time you reach 50 Lumens, you will become enraged and gain the status of Lycan.
  2. Objective #2: Increase your Status.
    Status is based on the number of total souls collected. You will get the soul of every vampire who you are the first to bite. If you are the first person to bite someone who hasn't joined Bloodlines, you will get their soul only when they purchase the system. Your total souls is the sum of the souls you have collected, and the souls collected by your minions. The more minions you have, and the more powerful they are, the higher your status will become. Be a good liege to your minions, because if they decide to pledge allegiance to someone else, you will lose thier souls from your soul total. You might think of a soul as one vote in determining who the highest ranked vampire is. The more souls you collect, the more power you have in determining who is on top.
  3. Objective #3: Accumulate Blood or Lumen Wealth
    There is only so much blood and lumens to go around, so they have value. You can accumulate blood/lumen wealth by storing it in casks, tanks, and prisms. You can purchase them full, or you can purchase them empty and fill them yourself with blood and lumens you collect. Everyone will know who the wealthiest are, and they may turn to you when they are desperate for blood or lumens. You can manage lists of the others that are allowed to drink from your containers.
  4. Objective #4: Stay "Alive"
    Every 24 hours, The Curse takes a toll of 0.25 Liters of vital blood, or 2.5 lumens from everyone, unless you have protection from an amulet or totem. If you lose all of your vital blood, you lose all of your collected souls. To stay alive, you must constantly seek out new victims as sources of vital blood or lumens.

For Humans:

  1. Objective #1: Gain the favor of vampires and lycans.
    Many humans are drawn to the thrill and risk of living among vampires and lycans. With the Human HUD, you can offer them your humanity and be a part of their clan, pack, or horde.
  2. Objective #2: Build a collection of vampire blood and lumens.
    You can collect Blood and Lumen Vials from vampires and lycans and trade them with others.
  3. Objective #3: Drink cider to restore humanity.
    Cider will restore humanity, and a store of cider will make you a very attractive friend to vampires and lycans. You can even set up a cider tavern for humans to gather at.

Vampire / Lycan Interaction Guide

The Lycan component of Bloodlines is integrated with the Vampire component. You can own and use both systems, and still maintain a race of Vampire, Lycan, Hybrid, or even Human, depending on how you want to use them. It's up to you.

If you still have humanity, you are considered human, even if you own both HUDs. However, you only have your humanity to give once, and it can be converted into either Vital Blood for Vampires, or Lumens for Lycans. Your humanity can be taken by both lycans and vampires, and you will end up at the same status, as a revenant, or walking undead. Revenants are the same in both systems. In order to drink vital blood, you must own the Thirst HUD, and in order to collect lumens, you must own the Rage HUD. With the addition of the Lycan system, revenants will no longer suffer the curse. The first time you reach 5L of vital blood after losing your humanity, you become embraced as a vampire, and begin to suffer the vampire curse, losing 0.25L every night. The first time you reach 50 Lumens, you become enraged as a lycan, and you begin to suffer the lycan curse, losing 2.5 lumens every night. If you become both embraced and enraged, you become a hybrid, and suffer both curses, but you get dual status, and you can decide which race gets the power of your souls by managing your blood and lumen levels. If you are a hybrid and you have more lumens than vital in your veins, your souls count in the lycan generations and royalty, and if you have more vital than lumens in your veins, then your souls count in the vampire generations and royalty. By managing lumen and vital levels, a hybrid can determine which power is most prominent in them, and move back and forth between both worlds.

Lycans and vampires can attack and bite each other, and the way that metrics are traded is as follows: in a lycan attack, one of the victim's metrics will always be converted to lumens, and in a vampire bite, one of the victim's metrics will always be converted to vital blood. If the victim has humanity left, that will always be converted first. If the victim has no humanity left, but has both vital and lumens, then in a vampire attack, the lumens will be converted to vital blood before the vital blood is taken directly, and in a lycan attack, the vital blood will be drained before the lumens. In this way, lycans can convert both humanity and vital blood to lumens, and vampires can convert both humanity and lumens to vital blood.

A vampire (embraced) will become destroyed when all of their humanity and vital blood is taken. A lycan (enraged) will become destroyed when all of their humanity and lumens are taken. A hybrid (both enraged and embraced) must have all three metrics (humanity, vital blood, lumens) taken before they become destroyed.


You can own any combination of HUDs and still remain human. Humans can own souls, but only if they own the Thirst or the Rage HUDs, because you need to be able to perform attacks in order to gain souls. For more information about Humans, see the Human HUD instructions.


Your first attacker will receive your soul when you join the game, unless you drink the Wormwood potion before you join, then the next person to attack you after you join will receive your soul. The person who receives your soul isn't necessarily your liege or clan leader, you can still pledge allegiance to whoever you want to. Souls determine the structure of the Bloodline, and determine Royalty. Generations are ranked by the number of souls you personally have taken. Also, if you pledge allegiance to another, your souls will total upwards to them. Societal status, or royalty, is determined by the number of total souls that you and your minions have collected. Souls don't total upwards from minions that are destroyed or human, and the totals are updated every night at midnight, SL time.


The souls you collect yourself determine your generation, or your place in the bloodline. The available places in each generation increase exponentially in powers of two. There is only one available spot in generation 1, 2 in generation 2, 4 in generation 3, 8 in generation 4, 16 in generation 5, 32 in generation 6, and so on.


The souls collected by you and the Minions lieged to you determine your Royalty status and rank. There are 10 ranks above Vampire, ranging from 10 collected souls to 400 collected souls. The higher your total, the higher your status, and also the higher you will rise on the Royalty ranking. When Minions come and go, however, your soul total may fluctuate by the number they own. Your Royalty status and Rank will fluctuate accordingly.

Clans, Packs, and Guilds (Groups)

Anyone can form a Bloodlines group using their HUD. Just click on the settings button (the round gear button beneath the hud), and select 'group', then 'set group', then follow the instructions to set your group name. Or, you can use your HUD to pledge allegiance to another group leader, becoming their minion. Groups are designated as vampire clans, lycan packs, human guilds, or hybrid hordes depending on the status of the group leader. If the leader is a vampire, then it is a clan, if the leader is a lycan, then it is a pack, if the leader is a human, then it is a guild, and if the leader is a hybrid, then it is a horde. Any race can join any group. So, vampire clans can have lycans in them, and vice versa. Your hud also gives you the ability to remove or ban minions that have pledged to you. When a minion pledges allegiance to you, their souls add to your soul total, determining your status in the royalty rankings. In this way, a player that has collected many souls has more power to determine who are the highest-ranked. In this way, royalty are elected by their minions, and the more soul you collect, the more votes you get.

The Curse

Every night at midnight SL time, the curse take effect, and all embraced vampires lose 0.25 liters of vital blood, and all enraged lycans lose 2.5 lumens of moonlight. Protection from the curse can be obtained in the form of Amulets and Totems. Both amulets and totems protect against both curses.


There are 7 potions in Bloodlines: Hemlock, Wormwood, Nightshade, Electrum, Wolfsbane, Mandrake, and Valerian

  1. Hemlock: if your soul has been lost to the abyss (meaning that your soul keeper was destroyed), then you can drink the Hemlock potion, and the next person to attack you will receive your soul.
  2. Wormwood: if you have been attacked by a Bloodlines monster, but you haven't joined the game yet, then your soul is considered to be "in Limbo". If your soul is in Limbo, and you drink the wormwood potion, then your soul will go to the next person to bite you, instead of the first.
  3. Nightshade: this potion cures vampirism. If a currently embraced vampire drinks the Nightshade potion, then their vital blood will be transformed to humanity (5L vital blood = 100% humanity), all souls will be lost to the abyss, and they will no longer suffer the vampire curse. If the potion is used by a hybrid, then the vampire curse is undone, any vital blood becomes lumens, and no souls are lost.
  4. Electrum: this potion is used to move your soul forcibly from one avatar to another. The avatar receiving your soul must ransom a soul back to your current soul keeper in order to get your soul. This potion can only be used once every 90 days.
  5. Wolfsbane: this potion cures lycanism. If a currently enraged lycan drinks the Wolfsbane potion, then their lumens will be transformed to humanity (50 Lumens = 100% humanity), all souls will be lost to the abyss, and they will no longer suffer the lycan curse. If the potion is used by a hybrid, then the lycan curse is undone, any lumens becomes vital blood, and no souls are lost.
  6. Mandrake: Mandrake is a potion with a binding spell that you can use as insurance if you choose to buy a HUD for a new minion. If you splash the Mandrake on them before they wear the HUD, their soul can only go to you.
  7. Valerian: Valerian is a potion with a forgetting spell that will erase the memory of previous bites or claw attacks. If you drink this potion, you can select a name, and this name will no longer appear on your attack list, nor you on theirs.

Storage Containers for Blood, Lumens, and Cider

Each player can hold up to 5L vital blood and 50 Lumens within their body. If more is desired, blood containers to store extra vital blood, and prisms to store extra lumens can be obtained. These containers can also be used to buy, trade, and sell vital blood and lumens. Vital blood and lumen purchases made from places other than the official Bloodlines stores on Liquid Designs property are not guaranteed. You may be able to obtain a better price elsewhere, but there is risk involved, and in making purchases from unofficial sources, you accept this risk. Cider containers can be drank from to restore humanity, but can only be refilled by Cider Jugs. Humanity cannot be turned back into Cider.

How to move your soul

There are several ways to move your soul if it's somewhere where you don't want it to be. See the table below for your options for moving your soul. It is impossible to own your own soul. Once it is lost, you can only have it moved to another avatar.

Soul Location Options
Limbo Your soul is in limbo when you've been attacked by a bloodlines vampire or lycan, but you haven't joined Bloodlines yet. If you join, your soul will go to the first person who attacked you. If you'd like it to go to someone else, then you would need to drink The Wormwood Potion, and then your soul will be transferred to the next person to bite you, instead of the first.
Abyss When the avatar who previously held your soul becomes destroyed, your soul is lost to the abyss. If you drink The Hemlock Potion, then your soul can become rescued, and the next person to bite you will receive your soul.
Possessed by another avatar If your soul is possessed by another avatar, the best way to move it is to make a deal with that avatar, and have the person who you wish to hold your soul retrieve it using The Soul Reaper. If the soul possessor is unwilling to bargain with you, you can retrieve it by force using The Electrum Potion. However, in order to use the Electrum potion, the avatar that you choose to receive your soul must ransom a soul in return for yours. Also, the Electrum potion may be used only once by each avatar every 90 days, so choose your soul keeper wisely.

How to change races (Vampire to Lycan, and vice versa)

If you are currently embraced as a vampire, and you want to become a lycan, you will need to perform two processes. The first is to become enraged as a lycan by filling yourself to 50 lumens of moonlight, thereby becoming a Hybrid vampire / lycan, and then drinking the nightshade potion to cure your vampirism. Normally, the Nightshade potion will turn a vampire into a human, transforming vital blood into humanity, and releasing all held souls to the Abyss. But, if you become enraged as a lycan first, your vital blood will be transformed into lumens, and your souls will be held safe. If you fill to 5 liters of vital blood at any point, you will become re-embraced as a vampire, becoming a hybrid again.

If you are currently enraged as a lycan, and you want to become a vampire, the process is similar. You will need to become embraced as a vampire first by filling yourself to 5L of vital blood. Then, you will need to drink the wolfsbane potion to cure lycanism. Normally, the wolfsbane potion can be used to transform an avatar from a lycan to a human, transforming lumens into humanity and releasing all held souls to the abyss, but if the wolfsbane potion is drank by a hybrid, then the drinker is cured of lycanism, leaving their vampire embrace intact, and keeping their souls. If at any point you fill to 50 lumens again, you will become re-enraged as a lycan, becoming a hybrid again to suffer both curses, and wield both powers.

Humans & Apples

For those that wish to remain human, but assist a vampire or lycan Liege, there are apple trees which provide apples that can be eaten to regenerate human blood. If a human eats a single apple, they will gain 5% humanity, which can then be drained by a vampire or lycan.


The deity system is an add-on system where anyone with a status above King, Queen, or Alpha can accept Blood and Lumen Sacrifices at Altars. If they receive enough sacrifices, they will become "Deified", and turn into a Demigod. In order to reach Demigod status, one must collect at least 1000 Blood Equivalent. So, 1 liter of blood, 10 lumens, or 20 humanity sacrificed at an altar are each worth 1 Blood Equivalent.

The Demigods with the most sacrifices made in their honor become Gods. There can only be three Gods, one of each race: Vampire, Lycan, and Hybrid.

Blood or Lumens can be sacrificed to any King, Queen, or Alpha with an Altar set up, but Blood can only be sacrificed to a Blood Altar, and Lumens can only be sacrificed to a Lumen Altar. Humanity can be directly sacrificed at either altar. You don't need to be a King/Queen/Alpha to set up an altar, but an altar can only be set up to receive sacrifices for a King/Queen/Alpha. Anyone can set up an altar to receive sacrifices for any King/Queen/Alpha.

To learn more about how Altars work, see the Blood Altar or Lumen Altar gear pages.

Deity Status Symbols

Vampire Lycan Hybrid


Status is largely determined by total souls, which is the sum of your personal souls plus the souls of all of your direct minions. See the table below for a list of the statuses and what you need to achieve in order to obtain them.


Once you have achieved the status of King, Queen, or Alpha, you can try to gain stars on these statuses. Stars are added to your King, Queen, or Alpha status based on your minions, and the number of souls they hold. For example, to get one star, you need at least 10 minions with at least 10 souls each. See the table below for amounts to receive more stars.


The minions who work together to boost a liege to a starred status become a court. So, if you are one of the minions under a 1-star liege with the required number of souls, you are part of a 1-star court, and you would be considered a 1-star minion. There is no limit to the number of minions that can be in a court. You could have 11 or more minions in a 1-star court, even though only 10 are required. However, if members of the court leave or lose souls such that the liege drops below the required number of minions and souls, all minions in the court will lose their status members of a starred court.

However, simply having enough souls to star a liege gives any player a special starred status as a potential starred minion and member of a court..

Minion Stars

On your Bloodlines profile, you can see how many stars you potentially have to offer based on your soul count, and how many stars are actually in use as part of a court. For example, you could have 30 souls, and this would give you 5 potential stars. But, if your liege only had 20 minions who had 20 or more souls, they would be a 3-star liege, and you would have 3 stars in use, and be a part of a 3-star court. You can see what this looks like in the symbol to the left. You can click on the stars beneath your status symbol to view more information.

On your list of minions on your profile, you may see stars next to a minion's name. These stars indicate the status of that particular minion. If you see stars that match the color of the text, like this: , it means that this minion is starred royalty. Three colored stars, like shown here, indicates a 3-star King, Queen, or Alpha. If you see glowing white stars accompanied by grey stars, like this: , it means that this minion is part of your court. The glowing stars are the stars actually being used. This example shows 2/3 stars lit. If you had this minion, it would mean that you are 2-star royalty, and this minion is part of your court. However, they have enough souls to be in a 3-star court (20-24).

Something else to recognize is that if your other court members gain enough souls in order to lift the court up an additional star, if you don't have enough souls to be a part of the current star level, you will no longer be a member of the court. For example, if you and 15 fellow minions each have 14 souls, you will have a 1-star liege, and all 16 of you will be part of a 1-star court. If your 15 court members each gain 1 additional soul each, then your liege will go up to 2 stars, but since you only have 14 souls, you will no longer be a part of the court. If you gain one additional soul yourself, then you will rejoin the new 2-star court and have 2 active stars.

Status Definitions: Vampire

Human Everyone with a humanity greater than 0%
Revenant Reached 0% Humanity.
Vampire Reached 0% Humanity and 5 Liters of Vital Blood.
Bloodletter Collected 10 total souls.
Tormentor Collected 25 total souls.
Hellion Collected 50 total souls.
Impaler Collected 100 total souls.
Deathmerchant Collected 150 total souls.
Archfiend / Archfiendess Collected 200 total souls.
Count / Countess Collected 250 total souls.
Baron / Baroness Collected 300 total souls.
Prince / Princess Collected 350 total souls.
King / Queen Collected 400 total souls.
1-Star King/Queen Reached King or Queen status, plus have at least 10 minions with at least 10 souls each.
2-Star King/Queen Reached King or Queen status, plus have at least 15 minions with at least 15 souls each.
3-Star King/Queen Reached King or Queen status, plus have at least 20 minions with at least 20 souls each.
4-Star King/Queen Reached King or Queen status, plus have at least 25 minions with at least 25 souls each.
5-Star King/Queen Reached King or Queen status, plus have at least 30 minions with at least 30 souls each.
Emperor / Empress Reached King or Queen status, plus have starred Kings and Queens as minions with a sum total of 20 stars between them. This could be 20 minions with 1 star each, or 10 minions with 2 stars each, etc.
Destroyed When your vital blood drops to 0 and your souls are taken by the Curse.

Status Definitions: Lycan

Human Everyone with a humanity greater than 0%
Revenant Reached 0% Humanity.
Lycan Reached 0% Humanity and 50 Lumens of moonlight.
Mauler Collected 10 total souls.
Brute Collected 25 total souls.
Behemoth Collected 50 total souls.
Dreadnought Collected 100 total souls.
Hellbeast Collected 150 total souls.
Berserker Collected 200 total souls.
Goliath Collected 250 total souls.
Colossus Collected 300 total souls.
Primus Collected 350 total souls.
Alpha Collected 400 total souls.
1-Star Alpha Reached Alpha status, plus have at least 10 minions with at least 10 souls each.
2-Star Alpha Reached Alpha status, plus have at least 15 minions with at least 15 souls each.
3-Star Alpha Reached Alpha status, plus have at least 20 minions with at least 20 souls each.
4-Star Alpha Reached Alpha status, plus have at least 25 minions with at least 25 souls each.
5-Star Alpha Reached Alpha status, plus have at least 30 minions with at least 30 souls each.
Emperor / Empress Reached Alpha status, plus have starred Alphas as minions with a sum total of 20 stars between them. This could be 20 minions with 1 star each, or 10 minions with 2 stars each, etc.
Destroyed When your lumens drops to 0 and your souls are taken by the Curse.


Please see the achievements guide.

The Soul War

Please see the Soul War section of the achievements guide.


Rarity was added to Bloodlines on August 13, 2015. It is a feature that gives each Bloodlines player a "rarity" rating. In general, the more you have done or achieved in Bloodlines, the higher your rarity becomes. Possible rarity ratings are:

Rarity Name Rarity Meter Requirements Soul Points
Common No requirements, common is the lowest rarity. 0
Uncommon At least 21 rarity points (see below), any source. 3
Rare At least 42 rarity points (see below)
5 different achievements at Level 5 or above
Status of at least Bloodletter / Mauler
Ultra-rare At least 64 rarity points (see below)
7 different achievements at Level 5 or above
Status of at least Impaler / Dreadnought
All item bonus
Infinity Amulet
Legendary At least 80 rarity points (see below)
10 different achievements at Level 5 or above
Status of at least King or Queen
All item bonus
Infinity Amulet

Rarity Points

You can get rarity points in the following ways:

Point source Possible points
Infinity Amulet: Own the Infinity Amulet 25
Thirst HUD: Own the Thirst HUD 2
Rage HUD: Own the Rage HUD 2
Human HUD: Own the Human HUD 2
Soul Reaper: Own the Soul Reaper 1
Spike: Own the Spike 1
Rampage Claw: Own the Rampage Claw 1
Coffin: Own the Coffin 1
Sarcophagus: Own the Sarcophagus 1
Blood Scan: Own the Blood Scan 1
Lumen Scan: Own the Lumen Scan 1
Blood Siphon: Own a Tank or Cask Siphon 1
Lumen Siphon: Own a Bone or Iron Siphon 1
Cider Siphon: Own the Barrel Siphon 1
Bonds: Number of active blood or lumen bonds Unlimited
Blood Vial: Owns at least one Blood Vial 1
Lumen Vial: Owns at least one Lumen Vial 1
All Item Bonus: Owns all items above 10
Royalty Status: Status: 3 for Vampire/Lycan up to 20 for Emperor/Empress 20
Age: Number of Years since registration Unlimited
Achievements: Number of Achievements with at least one Level 5 37

Owned Soul Rarity Points

In addition, you score a point total for the rarity of the souls you own. These points are totaled up for all of the souls you own, and you can find a number at the top of your soul list that indicates your "rarity points". Also, there is a new stat ranking called Soul Rarity that ranks players by this point total. If you click on the header of your soul list on your profile, it will take you to your complete soul list, and give you a breakdown of how many points you're getting from each rarity class. This ranking gives you the opportunity to attempt to collect rare souls and see if you can get the rarest collection of souls. In addition, you can try to increase the rarity ranking of your own soul in order to be more valuable to collectors. The higher your rarity rating, the more points it adds to your soul keeper's Owned Soul Rarity Points. See the column "Soul Points" the table above, under "Rarity" for the point values of the various rarities.

Allies and Enemies

Through the Bloodlines web interface, family leaders can request alliances with other families, and also designate enemy families. You can set another family as your enemy without their approval, but in order to form an alliance, the target family must approve your alliance request. If you set a family as an enemy, it will only show up in your list of enemies, not on theirs, unless they also set you as an enemy, in which case the enemy will be listed on both profiles as "Mutual". You can remove an enemy that you have set at any time, and either part of an alliance can terminate the alliance at any time. Only the family leaders can manage allies and enemies, but we encourage you to hold your own internal discussions and negotiations for which families should be considered allies and enemies.

You should receive an IM in-world whenever any of the following happens: someone sets you as an enemy, someone removes you as an enemy, someone requests you as an ally, someone rejects or accepts your ally request, or someone removes you as an ally. When you receive notification that someone has requested you as an ally, you can log into the Bloodlines website and go to your family profile in order to accept or reject the request. If you accept the request, then your alliance will be formed and you will be listed under allies on each other's profiles. If you reject the request, then the request is marked as rejected, but still listed for both families in your "Pending Sent" tab for the requesting family, and in the "Pending Received" tab for the receiving family. Both families are given the option to "Dismiss" this rejection listing, but if the receiving family dismisses the listing, the requesting family will be able to request you as an ally again. If you want to prevent a family from sending you another request, don't dismiss their rejection listing. It won't show on your public profile, it will just be listed at the bottom of your "Pending Requests" tab as rejected when you are logged in.

There is a limit of ten alliances and ten enemies per family. Pending alliance requests count towards this limit for the requesting party. This means that if you request 10 families as allies, you won't be able to request any more unless you withdraw one of your requests. You can withdraw unanswered requests by going to your 'Pending sent' tab on your family profile.

Family Roles

Bloodlines clans (vampire leader), packs (lycan leader), hordes (hybrid leader), and guilds (human leader) are referred to in general as "Families". Family Roles are versatile names and badges that can be defined by the Family leader. The Family leader can define roles by logging into the website at, then selecting 'Edit Family Profile' from the dropdown that shows their Second Life name in the upper right of the site, then using the 'Family Role's dropdown in the upper right of the edit profile page. There are four options on this dropdown:

  • Edit Roles: use this option to view the list of roles that have been defined so far, delete roles, or change the order that the roles appear on the Family profile. To delete a role, press the delete button on the row of the role. To re-order roles, drag the order roles using the handle on the left side of the role, and then press the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.
  • Add Role: use this option to add a new role. You can define the following fields for a role: Name, Description, and Badge. Badges are optional, but if you choose to have a badge, you can use one of the default badges that we have provided, or you can upload your own badge image. Badges should be square to prevent distortion when the image is processed.
  • Members with Roles: use this option to view a list of members that have been set to roles, and to remove a role from a member of your family.
  • Set Member to Role: use this option to assign a member to a role.

When you assign a member to a role, the role name and badge will appear on their profile underneath the family emblem. The list of roles will also appear on the family profile in order, and you can click on the role in the list of roles to view a roster of family members who are assigned to that role.

You can manage roles however you like in your clan. You can use them as awards or ranks for your own custom family achievements, or use them for organizational purposes. It's up to you!

A Note On Drama & RP

As in any RP environment, there will be conflict. Some common sources of conflict or drama in Bloodlines are:

  • A soul being held 'hostage' for ransom or simply out of spite
  • Clan arguments, conflicts, battles
  • Minion defection or 'clan hopping'
  • Disputes over hunting of humans, souls/blood etc.
  • Anger over the sending of bite requests

All of these sources of conflict can range from the 'normal' or expectable drama involved in RP, to the extreme - verbal abuse, griefing, hacking, etc. Due to the difficult nature of proving guilt or innocence in the virtual world it is not possible for staff to police these types of conflicts. The exception to this is if the conflict occurs on a Bloodlines sim itself, in which case punishment may include warning, banning, or freezing of accounts. If you feel that at any point a player's RP has crossed the line into harassment, we suggest filing an Abuse Report with Linden Labs.