The Thirst 4.2

Getting Started

The Thirst is the primary package that you need to play Bloodlines and role-play a vampire in Second Life.

You can purchase the Thirst at the following locations in Second Life, from the main vendor in the Bloodlines store: Liquid Designs, Liquid East, and Liquid Frontier. After purchasing the Thirst, you will be delivered a crate. To open the crate, you must rez it in-world by dragging it from your inventory to the ground. Then, you can left-click on it to unpack it in your inventory. When you unpack it, you will find the following items:

  1. Heads-Up Display (HUD)
  2. Fangs
  3. Bite Marks
  4. Stat Viewer

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Your HUD is what you will primarily use to play Bloodlines. It contains tools, settings, and buttons that you can use to control your fangs and interact with other players. To use your HUD, find it in your inventory, right-click on it, and select 'wear'. By default, it attaches to the bottom left position, but you can attach it to any HUD position. You should see it appear in the lower left of your screen.

HUD Buttons

  1. Fangs: To use this menu, you must be wearing your fangs. Your fangs must be attached to your mouth attachment point, or else they won't work. This menu has the following options:
    1. Blood Drip: toggles blood drip particle effect
    2. Fang Blood: toggles blood on fangs
    3. Bloody Mouth: makes your mouth appear filled with blood, it can only be seen if your mouth is open
    4. Fangs: makes your fangs appear / disappear
  2. Invisibility: makes your avatar disappear! (this is actually just an animation that puts your avatar underground, then you can move around without being seen).
  3. Emotes: make various faces for vampire roleplay
  4. Smoke Screen: smoke screen particle effect. Combine this with invisibility to appear / disappear in a cloud of smoke!
  5. Settings
    1. Scanner:
      1. List Length: set the maximum number of names to show on your radar. This can be between 1 and 16 names.
      2. Scan Mode: set the format of the stats to Text or Web. In text mode, when you press the stats button on the info window on the HUD, the target avatar's stats will be printed in local chat. In web mode, it will open up their web profile on
      3. Scan Type: set scanner type to 'Full', or 'Lite'. The Full scanner includes clickable names, and displays stats on nearby avatars. The Lite scanner is the 'old' scanner, that only shows the names of nearby avatars, and can be used while the HUD is collapsed.
    2. Help: load this Help page.
    3. Stat Reload: reload your stat viewer and your metric bar on your HUD.
    4. Account: manage your account on
    5. Dash: turn Vampire Dash on or off. If you are embraced as a vampire, you can use your dash by holding down the left mouse button, and double-tapping the arrow keys in any direction that you want to dash.
    6. Gender: set gender to male or female. This is only used for gender-specific titles like King or Queen.
    7. Bite Mode: set fangs to Bloodlines mode or Free mode. In Bloodlines mode, bites will transfer Vital Blood or Humanity from your victim to you. In Free mode, the animation will play, but no metrics will be transferred.
    8. Fang Size: sizes fangs to two different sizes, fangs can be manually sized from these base sizes.
      1. Small: "tiny" sized fangs for very small avatars
      2. Default: the default size of fangs.
    9. Animation: open the animation menu, see Animation, below.
    10. Clan: open the clan options menu, see Clan, below.
  6. Animation
    1. Anim Type: if you have added custom animations to your fangs, this allows you to select which animation you want to play. See 'Adding Custom Animations', below.
    2. Height: set the height for the default animation. This can be set to "Shorter", "Same" or "Taller". So, if your avatar is very tall, select "Taller". If your avatar is shorter on average, select "Shorter". This only affects the default bite animation.
    3. Anim On / Off: show or hide animations. If animations are off, metrics can still be transferred, but the bite animations will not play.
  7. Radar: this button expands and collapses your radar list that shows information about nearby avatars, and their status in the Bloodlines system. The possible statuses are:
    1. Fresh: this is someone who has never been bitten. If you can bite them, you can get their soul!
    2. Limbo: this person has been bitten before, but has not joined Bloodlines. If you want to get their soul, they need to drink the Wormwood potion. If you bite them after they drink the Wormwood potion, and then they join Bloodlines, you will get their soul.
    3. Registered Bloodlines player: registered Bloodlines players are represented by a symbol that indicates their status. You can find out more about statuses here:
    4. Unknown: If someone shows 'unknown', they may be wearing a garlic necklace, or may have been banned.
    5. Destroyed: if someone is destroyed, they have let their Vital Blood drop to zero, and have lost all of their souls. Try offering them some blood and see if they want to join your clan!
    Radar also shows soul status. There are four possible soul statuses:
    1. Held: this soul currently belongs to someone.
    2. Fresh: this soul is new.
    3. Limbo: this soul has been claimed with a bite, but has not been transferred yet. It can be rescued with the wormwood potion.
    4. Abyss: this soul has been lost to the abyss. If this avatar drinks the Hemlock potion, and then you bite them, you can retrieve their soul.
  8. Web Stats: gives you a link to open your web profile on
  9. Clan: various clan options
    1. Resist Liege: if you have been previously glamoured by your liege, this will break the glamour.
    2. Ban Minion: remove a minion from your minion list, and ban them so they cannot re-liege to you.
    3. Unban Minion: remove a minion from your ban list.
    4. View Bans: view a list of the names of avatars banned from your minion list.
    5. Set Liege: Set another avatar as your liege. This is how you join a clan, by setting any member of that clan as your liege. Selecting this option will give you the option of selecting someone nearby, or typing in their name. If you select 'Nearby', you'll be given a list of names of nearby avatars to choose from. If you select 'Type Name', you will have to chat their name on channel 444 by typing /444 Firstname Lastname in local chat. Once you do this, you will be in the selected avatar's clan.
    6. Set Clan: If you want to be a clan leader, this lets you set the name of your clan. If you have set another avatar as your liege, then your clan name will be the same as their clan name. You can change your clan name at any time, as long as it isn't already taken, and all members of your clan will be set to this name.
    7. Free Minion: remove a minion from your minion list, without banning them. They will be able to set you as their liege again if they want.
  10. Text Stats: Use this button to get stats on yourself or those around you. Pressing this button will give you a dialog with a list of names to choose from, one of which will be your name. When you select a name, it will give you text stats if your stat mode is set to 'text', and a web profile link if your stat mode is set to 'web'. An additional option on this menu is 'TYPE NAME'. Use this option to type in the name of an avatar to get stats on, in case they are not online, it can save you the trouble of going to the website to get their stats. There is also a convenience method, where you can type "/7 stats: [name]" to quickly get someone's stats. Example: "/7 stats: Lyle Maeterlinck" will give you Lyle Maeterlinck's stats.
  11. Haunts: gives you a menu to select Haunts from, which are Bloodlines-friendly places in Second Life. You can go to the Bloodlines sims from this button, get a list of random haunts, or get a link to browse haunts on the Bloodlines website.
  12. Glamour: Glamour allows you to bite someone without confirmation for up to one hour. The glamoured person must be human, you must be their liege, and they must agree to be glamoured.
  13. Bite: send a request to bite another player. This button will collect the names of avatars in a 20m radius and give them to you on a menu. You can also send bite requests by selecting names off of the scanner, and pressing the bite button on the info window.

Other Features:

  1. Vampire Dash: Once you've been embraced as a vampire, you can use the vampire dash. The control to activate it is to hold down the left mouse button, and then to double-tap in any direction. You can turn this ability on and off through the settings menu.
  2. Metric bar: the bar along the bottom of your HUD is a visual indicator of your current metric. If you still have humanity left, it will show a green bar that indicates your total humanity out of 100%. Once your humanity is depleted, it will show your Vital Blood as a percentage of 5L.


Fangs attach by default to your mouth position, and they need to be on this position in order to work. The fangs interact with the HUD for many operations, so if you find that something isn't working on your HUD, make sure that you have your fangs on.

Bite Marks

The Bite Marks are copy and transfer, meaning you can hand them out to your friends, and if they're wearing the Bite Marks when you bite them, blood will squirt out of their neck. By default, the Bite Marks attach to the left ear position.

Stat Viewer

Your stat viewer gives you and others around you a visual indication of your Bloodlines stats. By default, it attaches to your stomach. (This is so it doesn't move around too much when you walk.) But, you can attach it to any attachment point you like. It will show your generation, clan name, status, and your metric values like humanity, Vital Blood, or Lumens.

Adding Custom Animations

You can add custom bite animations to your fangs that will play when you bite others. Custom animations should come in pairs, one animation for the attacker, and one animation for the victim. The animations should be named like this: myanimationname_attacker, myanimationname_victim, where 'myanimationname' is the name of the animation, this can be anything. Whatever you put in 'myanimationname' will show up in the animation menu for selecting custom animations, under Animation > Anim Type. To load your fangs with custom animations:

  1. Wear your fangs or rez them on the ground.
  2. Right-click them and select 'edit'. If you're doing this while wearing them, you will need to cam around to the front of your face by holding down the alt key, clicking on your avatar, and dragging until you see the front of your avatar. It can help to stand your avatar on the included pose stand.
  3. After selecting 'edit', the build window will appear. Click on the 'Content' tab of the build window. This will show the inventory of the fangs.
  4. Find the animations in your inventory, and drag them into the content window. Now you should be able to select the animations you put in the fangs by pressing the animation button on your HUD, and selecting 'Anim Type'.


For support on the Thirst, please contact one of the following avatars in Second Life: Noire Luminos, Lyle Maeterlinck, or Mars Bracken.