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BLOODLINES is a massive social vampire and lycan role-playing game in Second Life®.
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The Thirst 34,568 Vampires
The Rage 6,381 Lycans
The Human 142,494 Humans
Hybrids 18,017 Hybrids
Bloodlines War 21,517 Warriors

July 2018 10 Days, 10 Hours, 18 Minutes Left!

Moon Legacy
One of your minions gets the first attack and gains the soul of a new lycan minion (single day).

Accivallen Resident
Get first attack and gain the souls of new lycan minions (single day).

Asimina Lavecchia
Vampire Berserk
Bite other Bloodlines players, number in 10 minutes.

Asimina Lavecchia
Lycan Berserk
Lycan attack other Bloodlines players, number in 10 minutes.

nandamf Resident
Splash Hemlock potions, number of times in one day.

BelladonnaEveDagger Resident

Godric's Omen

David8834 Resident
Orb of Immortals

David8834 Resident
Golden Fang

David8834 Resident
Mammoth Tusk

David8834 Resident
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Blood Wealth

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