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Coming Soon: Bloodlines Web Profiles!

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

We’d like to give you a heads up on a new feature on the Bloodlines website: web profiles! Very soon, you will be able to customize your Bloodlines web profile with a profile photo, about text, and you can even choose from a selected number of very cool fonts for your name! Also, clan leaders will be able to write about their clan on the website, and upload a group photo and clan emblem for their clan. Clan emblems will show on the profiles of all clan members, and the group photo will show on the new clan profile. We thought you might want to get your profile photos ready, so here are a few guidelines:

Profile photos are square, and will be resized to 180 x 180 pixels.

Clan emlems are square, and will be resized to 100 x 100 pixels.

Clan group photos have a 2:1 aspect ratio (width:height), and will be resized to 400 x 200 pixels.

We are also working on a new feature for the website called “Haunts”, where you will be able to register your Bloodlines bar, club, castle, roleplay area, or hangout on the Bloodlines website. You’ll be able to promote your location and your events there. Then, residents will be able to view a list of events going on at Bloodlines Haunts at any given time, and teleport right from the website. So, get your Vampire Castle, Blood Room, Lycan Bar, or Human Hangout ready for visitors! Stay tuned for more details on this!

Refill Stations for Vital Blood, Lumens, and Cider

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Today we’re releasing a new way to buy Vital Blood, Lumens, Cider, and to easily refill your empty containers, instantly: Reserve Accounts. You’ll notice three new vendors in the Bloodlines Thirst, Rage, and Human stores: for Vital Blood, Lumens, and Cider. When you purchase from any of these vendors, you’re buying metrics that go straight into your Reserve Account. You won’t be delivered anything in-world when you purchase from these vendors. However, you can view the contents of all of the metrics in your reserve account by going to your Blood Cellar, Lumen Vault, or Cider Tavern pages on You can get to these pages by clicking on the Tank, Prism, or Barrel icons on your Bloodlines web profile.

vital blood lumens cider

Once you have some Vital Blood, Lumens, or Cider in your Reserve Account, you can use it to refill your containers at any Bloodlines refill station.

To use the refill station, you need to be wearing a Refill Key. Refill Keys are free, and you can get one by clicking the Refill Key vendor near the refill station. If you use the station without wearing a Refill Key, the refill will still work, but your tank won’t update with the new amount. If this happens, you can get your tank to update by re-rezzing it, or by drinking from it or filling it. Once you are wearing your Refill Key, and you have purchased the metric that you wish you refill, follow these instructions to use the refill stations:

  1. Click on the refill station, it will give you a menu asking you to confirm that you want to use the refill station. Click “Proceed” to confirm.
  2. Make sure the container you want to refill is rezzed within chat range of the refill station. Click on your container, and then click “Select” on your container menu.
  3. If your container checks out, you will get a menu that will give you options for refilling your container. Select the amount you want to fill, or ‘Max’ to fill the container to the max (or up to the amount that you have available). Or, you can select ‘Other’, and follow the instructions to select a different amount.
  4. Once you select an amount, your container will automatically be refilled from your reserve account.

Here are a couple things to note:

  • Metrics in your Reserve Account don’t contribute to your wealth.
  • Reserve Accounts can only be accessed through refill stations. You can’t move metrics into your Reserve Account from existing containers, you can’t drink directly from your
    Reserve Account, and you can’t move metrics between Reserve Accounts on different avatars.
  • Having metrics in your reserve account won’t prevent you from being destroyed by the Curse, just like having metrics in containers doesn’t protect you.
  • Essentially, Reserve Accounts don’t affect or interact with anything else in the game, they just give you a convenient way to refill empty containers.

Refill station locations:

Next up, we hope to release more convenient ways of obtaining Apples, Blood Shots, and Moonshine! Stay tuned, and good hunting to all!


HUD Updates Tonight

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Tonight, we’re excited to announce the following updated Bloodlines HUDs: Thirst 3.5, the Rage 1.3, and the Human 1.1. You should be auto-delivered your update when you log in. If not, you can get the updates from any update terminal at Liquid Estate (Liquid Designs, Liquid East, Liquid South, Liquid Badlands, or Liquid Frontier). There are several notable new features on the HUDs:

  1. You can register an account so you can log into by going to settings > account > register. You can also change or reset your password using this menu. There isn’t a great deal you can do by logging in at the moment, but this update will allow us to bring lots of cool new features to the Bloodlines website.
  2. Charisma sending has been removed from the HUDs. We’re sorry about the inconvenience on this, but it was just being too badly abused by people logging in hundreds of alts or bots in order to game the stats. Now, you can send Charisma by logging into the website, and pushing the +1 Charisma button on your friends profiles. This won’t give us the ability to absolutely stop people abusing the system with alts, but we will be able to implement controls to make it more difficult to game this stat.
  3. Glamour and Terror: this is a fun new power that you can use with your human minions. If you Glamour (with the thirst), or Terror (with the Rage) your minions, you will be able to bite or claw them without receiving further confirmation for one hour. If you agree to be Glamoured or Terrored, you can break this at any time by going to Settings > (clan or group) > Resist Liege. This will also be broken if you unliege from your liege.
  4. You will probably also notice some minor updates to the website: now the groups and group rosters are listed on separate pages, and the groups page has a search function now. For a sneak peek at the types of updates coming to, check out The Fortune Hunt.

We hope you like these updates, more exciting updates coming soon!

Updates This Week

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

UPDATE 4/1/12:

Just an update: we are planning HUD updates for tonight. This is not an April Fool’s joke. More updates to come…

UPDATE 3/30/12, 5 PM:

We’ve reviewed everyone’s feedback on the impending HUD updates, and as a result, we’ve got a new proposal. All the updates below are going to be put into place, except for the ability to Glamour someone before they are a part of the game. We agree that this will probably cause too much confusion. So, Glamour will only work on your own direct human minions, and it will only last for an hour, unless broken by your human before that limit. Also, it will not cost blood or lumens in order to use. So, we’re not going to implement the option of Glamouring someone before they have joined in order to prevent them from using the Wormwood. To be clear, your human minions will have to agree to be Glamoured, and will be able to break the Glamour if they wish. For now, this will just be a fun new power that you will be able to use when role-playing with your humans if you wish.


Later this week, we’re going to be updating the Thirst, Rage, and Human HUDs with a few new features and fixes. All HUDs are going to be getting the ability to register and manage accounts for logging into the Bloodlines website. If you already own a Blood or Lumen scanner, you already have an account, and the account you can manage with your HUD will be the same as the account you can manage on your scanner. This is so that everyone can have an account to log in. In the near future, we’re going to be building some new features into the website that you can use only when logged in, such as customizing your Bloodlines web profile, and this HUD update will allow us to launch those new features.

As part of this update, we’re going to be moving Charisma voting to the website. So, instead of the button on the HUD, you’ll be able to log into the website, and on everyone’s profile will be a button to send them a charisma point for the day.

We’re also going to be adding a new power: Glamour for vampires, and Terror for lycans. Of course, hybrids will be able to use either one. Glamour / Terror has different effects, depending on the status of the victim (who will have to agree to Glamour / Terror request for it to work). If you Glamour or Terror a new player who has not yet worn a HUD, it will prevent them from drinking the Wormwood potion in order to free their soul from limbo. That means that their soul will always go to you first if you bite them and then they join. Using a Glamour will cost a vampire 1L of vital blood, and a Terror will cost a lycan 10 lumens. Only humans and new players can be Glamoured / Terrored.  If you Glamour or Terror a human who has already joined, you will be able to bite them without asking, until they break the Glamour or Terror, which can be done with your HUD.

Let us know what you think of these updates, or if you have any thoughts for changes you think we should get into the HUDs for this release.

Happy hunting!

Coffins and Sarcophagus Updated

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Today we released version 1.1 of the Coffins and the Sarcophagus. To get your update, you can just re-rez your copy of the Coffin or the Sarcophagus, and it will automatically deliver you the update.

The new versions include features to make sending Vital Blood and Lumens to your friends easier and faster. You can add quick lists of up to 25 names that you can easily select from lists on the menus. This way, if you have a few names that you regularly send blood or lumens to, you can program them in and you don’t have to chat them every time. Also, you can create a consistent link with a given container that will last for up to 15 minutes, so that you don’t have to select the container every time you send blood or lumens. Another convenient feature is the fill to max option, which allows you to fill someone to their maximum blood or lumens in a single send.

We hope you enjoy these new features, and get many thousands of years out of your Liquid Designs Coffin or Sarcophagus.

NEW! The Moonshine

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
The Moonshine

The Moonshine

We’re excited to announce a surprise release today of the Lumen shot, which we’re calling ‘The Moonshine‘. It comes in a stylish bar glass with an iron base and a crescent moon printed on the bottom of the glass. Just like the ever popular Blood Shot, the Moonshine can be sipped or shot. You can get one at the various hangouts around the Liquid sims, or stock up on them and offer them to your guests at your bar or castle!

The Moonshine is available now in the following places:

We hope you enjoy this fun new product!

7 Days Left to Replace Your Catalogue Vendors

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

This is just a reminder: old catalogue vendors will be turned off on March 7. If you haven’t gone to the Bloodlines store and gotten new catalogue vendors since we made our last announcement, please do so now. There are new catalogue vendors available for Bloodlines Thirst, Bloodlines Lycans, Bloodlines Humans, Bloodlines War, and Crypt items. These new vendors have a gifting feature, and include update terminals and key grabbers. You can also change the size and material of the vendors by clicking on the backing board. All you should have to do is delete your old vendors and replace them with the new ones.

New Catalogue Vendors

Monday, February 7th, 2011

We’re excited to announce the release of new catalogue vendors!

The new catalogue vendors have several highly requested features: the ability to gift, an included update kiosk, and an included key grabber. You can use the update terminal to get redelivery of any copyable product you’ve previously purchased from Liquid Designs.

There are 6 sets of vendors for you to set up if you wish: The Thirst, The Rage, War, Humans, Crypt Avatar, and Crypt Land.

To make the vendors fit with your store size and decor, you can change the size and background material of the vendor board cluster by clicking on the vendor board backing and using the menu. If you want to delete the backing board, you can, but before you delete it, you can use it to set the size of your vendors.

The old catalogue vendors will be disabled in about 30 days, so around March 7. This means that you have 30 days to replace your catalogue vendors if you want to keep selling Bloodlines items on your own land. All you need to do is delete your old catalogue vendors or take them into inventory, and replace them with the new vendors you can get at any Bloodlines store for 1 Linden. Bloodlines stores are located on Liquid Designs, Liquid East, Liquid South, Liquid Badlands, and Liquid Frontier.

If you have any questions about the new catalogue vendors, please contact Lyle Maeterlinck or Mars Bracken in-world.

Warning: Never Buy Blood or Lumen Containers on the SL Marketplace

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

All of the blood containers being sold on the Marketplace are fake or deactivated copies. If you buy a deactivated container on the Second Life Marketplace, we cannot help you. We do not sell official containers on the Marketplace, because as long as copy exploits still exist, we have to have containers rezzed and registered in-world before we can sell them. The only place to buy guaranteed blood containers is in the Bloodlines stores on the following regions:

Liquid Designs

Liquid East

Liquid Badlands

Liquid South

If you are anywhere else, you are buying a container that we cannot guarantee will work. ALWAYS test containers before you buy them. NEVER buy containers on the Marketplace, because it is not possible to test them first. Please see the procedure for how to test a blood container before you buy. Also, this is what to do if you have a deactivated container. Please be careful!

UPDATE: If you do end up buying a deactivated container on the SL Marketplace, please write a review on it saying that it is a scam, and warning others not to buy it. Also, please file an abuse report for fraud on the person who sold you the tank. You can get the name of the person who sold you the tank through your transaction history.

Human HUD, Vials, Insignia, and Cider Barrels Released

Friday, December 17th, 2010

We’re excited to announce the release of the following new Bloodlines items:

  1. The Human HUD
  2. The Blood Vial
  3. The Lumen Vial
  4. The Insignia
  5. Cider Barrels
  6. Cider Jug Refills
  7. Cider Siphon

The human products are available at these locations (click for SLURL):

We think that these new items are a lot of fun and will bring new and interesting role play experiences. We hope you have a blast with them!